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Design & Sew

Fashion design and sewing offers a creative outlet for students looking to create wearable art and see it come to life.

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Families can now finance classes, allowing the creative process to flourish little by little


Our students arrive to class with a positive attitude and leave with skills in sewing and design, a variety of handmade projects, and memories that will last them a lifetime.
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Our students acquire skills in designing, hand sewing, , pattern making, and more!  As the course progresses, we focus on ensuring that every child has gained the ability to patiently and effectively see their projects come to life from start to finish. During the design portion of the classes, students study fabrics and their respective textures and weights as well as how they can be draped in order to create realistic fashion designs.

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Our program offers each child a personalized creative outlet where they can work at their own rhythm and level, always going home with a completed project. 

Here at Atelier D’Ocon, we pride ourselves on the work ethics that we teach our students, a good mix of hard work and laughter makes for a beautiful project.


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- 2 hours 

- Up to 6 kids

- 5 to 12 years old

 -Goodie bag for the birthday child

 -Digital invitatiom

 -Birthday decorations ( Sign, plates, cups and napkins, balloons)

 -Sewing materials 

-Edited photos and short videos of the party


Does my child need to have sewing experience?

Absolutely not, some students have experience and some do not. We begin each class as if no one knows how to sew.

Can my 7 year old participate?

Of course! Our sewing classes begin at age 5.

How much fabric and notions wll be required to purchase?

All of the materials are included in our classes. 

How quickly will my child progresses through each project? 

Each student works at their own pace. No student is expected to keep up with others in the class. Each project takes approximately 4-6 classes to complete.

What is the schedule?


Once a week:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 4-6pm.


Weekly sessions: 

Moning and afternoon classes.


Can adults stay at the party?

No, we only allow the kids and the sewing teachers to be in the sewing room.

Can I arrive early to set up the party room?

You can arrive 15 minutes prior to the birthday party.

Can I bring in outside food and drink?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in your own food and drink. However, we ask that you respect all food allergies of the guests. 

What if I need to cancel the party?

You are welcome to reschedule to another available day and time. You must reschedule 48 hours prior to your date. The party deposit is non-refundable, however, the deposit can be transferred to a rescheduled date.

Do you provide birthday decoations?

Yes, we provide the "happy birthday" sign, plates, cups and napkins.

How many kids can attend the party?
5 kids, plus the birthday kid.